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Interactive have been involved with many commercial projects spanning many business sectors, however for the purposes of this overview we will discuss office accommodation.

In office buildings, the occupants are generally considered to be awake and familiar with their surroundings, consequently fire strategies are evacuate on detection or phased evacuation. Above 11 meters a second escape stair is required and premises with the upper floor level greater than 18 meters above the Fire and Rescue Service entry level, require a ventilated firefighting shaft. There are other instances when ventilated firefighting shafts are required such as deep or large basements.

We have provided smoke ventilation in the form of natural smoke shafts and the space saving mechanical alternative (0.6M² instead of 3.0M² ). We have used mechanical smoke control as justification for extended travel distances and pressurisation systems for buildings exceeding 30m high. We have also justified using a single stair above 11m by using pressurisation to protect it.

Our systems can operate autonomously or work in conjunction with building fire detection and alarm systems. Our sophisticated control packages are able to display the system status for the Fire Officer at their point of entry or remotely as a service/maintenance facility.

Our range of products offer architects and designers the opportunity to integrate the smoke control system seamlessly into the building.

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