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Industrial buildings are generally large spaces with high roofs and potentially big fire loads. Warehouses are similar in many respects. Designing smoke control systems for this type of application requires an understanding of fire dynamics and smoke movement.

Interactive have designed, installed and serviced many systems using both natural and mechanical means for smoke ventilation. Because of the physical size of some premises, it has been necessary to create multiple smoke reservoirs using fixed or automatic smoke barriers.

Each project has to be individually assessed before a design can be produced. As part of the process, Interactive will evaluate all aspects of the building and the potential fire load. These including the use of mezzanine floors, the pitch of the roof and the make-up and spread of the combustible materials.

The final design may be manually operated or automated using electronic or pneumatic controls. Different types of ventilators can be used, i.e. louvred, single or twin flap, vertical or horizontal and there is a choice of high or low level inlet. You can be sure that the resulting system will provide protection for many years.

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