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Interactive have completed many projects that fit within the leisure sector. These include; Hotels, Community Halls, Airports, Leisure Centres, Bus/Train Stations, Conference Centres, Theatres & Cinemas.

Leisure buildings are open to members of the public so the fire strategy will always take into account the fact that the occupants may not be familiar with their surroundings. A correctly designed smoke control/ventilation system will play an important part to ensuring their safety.

Interactive have previously provided specialist smoke control facilities within airport terminals. Because of the physical size of these buildings many of the techniques used are similar to those used in Industrial buildings.

Hotels with an upper floor level over 18 meters require ventilated firefighting cores while compensation for the removal of a second escape stair (in buildings over 11 meters) can usually be the pressurisation of the single stair. Interactive have designed many hybrid systems that have enabled building designers to have the maximum flexibility with their floor layouts. These have included high rise single stair buildings with extended travel distances and mechanical shafts that have been used to reduce smoke shaft sizes.

Many leisure buildings are constructed with Car Parking facilities attached or below.

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