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We are pleased to announce that David Fenlon, who has been a non-executive Director of Interactive for some years, will now be involved on a full time basis with the Company, bringing over 30 years experience of high quality smoke control systems to Interactive.

Working with the current Directors and management, David will be involved in all aspects of the Company's activities and will be a fundamental part of a concerted effort to improve how Interactive operates and what it can offer.

As Interactives' expansion plans are developed over the next two years, David will play an integral role in supplementing our current product, system and service portfolios and allow us to explore new avenues of business to offer a more rounded service to our existing and potential client base.

B Maddick - September 2012


Bryn Maddick,

From the incorporation of Interactive in 1997 Bryn Maddick developed an un equalled reputation as a Design Consultant and Company Director, a unique way of fulfilling the needs of clients with an eye for innovation and plain speaking. Bryn being Bryn was the phrase often used.

Some of us had worked with Bryn for over 25 years, who was tolerating who over that time is for others to decide.
Sadly, after a short illness, Bryn Maddick passed away in November 2012, having been told of his condition only a few weeks before his passing; a condition he did not feel necessary to burden on his work collegues.

The day before he passed he was sending e mails and text messages to a number of us regarding projects, to clients and observations and concerns not for his future but for ours.
He will be sadly missed but as instructed [and demanded by Bryn] we will continue to strive to maintain the standards he lived by and maintained in his working life.


Interactive have pleasure in announcing the appointment of Andy Baker to the board of Directors.

Since joining the company in 2009 Andy has demonstrated on many levels his commitment to the company, its design expertise and focus.


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